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Slow + Simple Living

Like many mothers in today’s draining world I am just trying to hold onto the gifts simplicity brings to raising a family. Join me in learning how to slow down + choose simplicity.


We’re no experts but here to share our homesteading journey from the beginning. If you know the saying “FAIL TO WIN” I bet you’ll be right at home here.

Tiny House

Living tiny for 4+ years we’ve learned a thing or two! Read about everything from our building experience to what it was actually like to live tiny.

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    We’re the Meases; Simeon, Tatiana, and Beaumont.

    Our story in a nutshell started with a tiny house build when we were engaged and 5 years later morphed into buying a fixer upper on almost 1 acre. We’re serial entrepreneurs learning to homestead and striving to create a life where we have the freedom of time to do the things we love. We’re BIG diy-ers and cherish a simple way of life. Join us as we learn to rush slowly and live intentionally through life’s many seasons.

    Slow living starts in the home.

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    Child Rearing

    Looking for ways to raise your children without the noise and chaos of this world. We share what we’ve learned about keeping life simple and what habits our family has built to live intentionally with our little one in tow. Here is our guide to “Raise Them Simple.”

    The Easiest Homemade Granola Recipes

    An easy chore to add into your routine when you’re feeling that craving for cold cereal or the ease of a quick breakfast. And it only takes less than 30 minutes.

    Home Remodel

    Beginnings are sometimes messy, but we are big believers in seeing beauty in the journey!

    We bought a 1969 stick built home on almost 1 acre. After gutting the entire home and salvaging what we could (thanks to some not-so-lovely squatters), we’re taking it one project at a time.

    Trust us when we say our DIY hearts never run dry!

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