5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Live a Slower Paced Life

Life is short. It passes us by in ways we can’t quite grasp and we so often find ourselves trying to rush through it. Maybe it’s the fear of missing out or the comparison to another family’s successes, but cramming the calendar is something we all do especially in the Summer. It almost seems as our children grow so does the chaos, but mama, it doesn’t have to feel that way. I think as mothers we are prone to feel the older they become the more activities we have to sign them up for or experiences we have to provide. We get so caught up in the rush that we miss out on what truly matters to us. And sooner or later we start to feel like less of a mom and more of a chauffeur service trying to keep a schedule.

These 5 simple steps to live a slower paced life are here to help you hold onto your sanity and live a little slower. I’ll be covering:

  • Keep what truly matters
  • Start and end your day in a slow way
    • Slow Morning Rythms
    • Slow Evening Rhythms
  • Learn to say no
  • Make your circle smaller
  • Embrace a slow activity for 20 minutes a day
  • What slow living is not

If you’re tired of packed calendars and feel like you can’t quite catch your breath, you’re in the right place. All of this is about to change!

Let’s choose to live in the moments that allow us to slow down and appreciate the present.

Keep what truly matters

Declutter. Donate. Downsize. Ditch the unnecessary stuff. Whatever part of this journey you’re on we all frequently need to refresh what comes in and goes out of our home. I promise you that getting rid of unneeded items in your home and life will help you catch your breath. There’s something about a closet clean-out or a deep clean of the house that does wonders when you are feeling busy + down.

We lived in a tiny home on wheels for the first 5 years of our marriage and although we had fewer belongings than most people, it seemed like we had a constant donation pile going out every week. The reality of ‘to-much-stuff’ can sometimes be even harder to realize when you live in a full size home. There are closets that hide things we rarely use, sometimes for years before we blow the dust off! Chances are if you feel like you’re always cleaning and picking up after the kids, it’s time to let some things go.

Tips to help you decide what truly matters:

  • Keep a bag or box in your coat closet or somewhere easily accessible you can throw items in to be donated to your local thrift store. It’s fun to envision who’s hands your donated items might move on to to serve a better purpose!
  • Give yourself grace and come back to something if you aren’t ready to let go. If I can’t part with something right than I give myself 30 days to use it or it goes!
  • Don’t purge your spouses belongings and don’t force them to get rid of things. Sometimes in our angst to declutter the house we pressure our spouse to get rid of their things when they aren’t ready. While this can be a great thing to do together, if you aren’t on the same page you may need to take a step back and stay in your own lane. Just remember this isn’t a race. Take things slow and gently invite them to share in the excitement of journeying to create a more happy place within your home.
  • Read books to help inspire you on your simplification journey! Some of my favorites are by Marie Kondo; Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
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Start and end your day in a slow way

This is a small thing that can make a big difference.

Choosing to start and end your day in a slow way is a mental baby step to help shift your mindset towards living a slower more intentional life. It allows for rest, recharge, and time to be spent doing something you truly love! This looks different for everyone, but following are some slow morning and evening rhythm ideas you can try. It’s a great idea to stick your phone in your bedside drawer or the next room over so it doesn’t have to be a distraction for you.

Slow Morning Rhythms

  • Breath work
  • Journaling
  • Take a morning walk, stretch or yoga
  • Drink hot lemon water or a cup of tea in the sunshine
  • Enjoy a creative slow morning activity: crochet, sew, embroider, quilting, etc…
  • Get your hands dirty in the garden
  • Phone a friend or write a letter
  • Ice bathing (If you haven’t heard of this take some time researching Wim Hof HERE.

Slow Evening Rhythms

  • Wind down with a good book before bed
  • Take an evening walk with your family
  • Enjoy being creative doing something you love; draw, knit, watercolor, etc…
  • Light some candles and take a bath
  • Spend time with a friend who fills you up
  • Listen to an audiobook or the bible
  • Prep breakfast for the next day listening to some calming music

Learn to say no

Packed schedules and endless Summer commitments can be a thing of the past mama. Believe me when I say it’s worth it and for the better. I am a big believer in saying no; it helps you create more space and time to do what you truly love and make more core memories with your family. Although this doesn’t come easily for everyone, the more you do it the easier it will become.

Remember you don’t owe anyone your time, you owe it to your family to protect your time.

Make your circle smaller

Making friends as adults in general is hard enough, but there is something to be said about choosing quality of friends over quantity. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. Stepping away from friendships that drain you and leave you feeling depleted after meetups is a great way to choose a more simple + intentional life. Choose to spend time with those who fill you up and feed your soul and you’ll be well on your way to living slower and more intentional.

We recently experienced a big wake up call in the friend department after my husband’s father passed away in March. Out of our circle of friends few said anything to us or checked in on our family during that time. It made us reevaluate who we wanted to invest our time and energy into and quite honestly reflect back on what type of friend we want to be to someone as well.

Embrace a slow activity for 20 minutes a day

This year I’ve chosen to intentionally embrace slowness everyday by doing something for 20 minutes. This is a time when I put my phone away or leave it in the other room, relax, and for 20 minutes do something that helps me slow down. Lately that has been working on a quilt project or baking with my son. For those 20 or so minutes I/we will do only that. No phones, background noise, or distractions. Sometimes it’s read together or pen some thoughts in my journal during his nap-time or sit out in the sun while he plays in his pool. Slow activities change with the seasons and it’s always so nice to switch things up every once in a while.

What slow living is not

I think it’s worth noting that choosing to live slow and be more intentional with your time can be for anyone. You don’t have to live in the country, buy linen clothes, or cook everything from scratch. Slow living is not about perfection or pretty homes on instagram, though that is much of what you see. It’s not a competition either. You don’t have to be a minimalist or have a certain number of children.

Slow living is so beautifully dependent on your own circumstances and what you want it to look like.

You can live in a high rise apartment and choose to live slow. You can have a fast paced job and still choose to live slow. You can be a busy mom and choose to live slow. The rate at which you choose to do so is entirely up to you!

No matter where you live, what you do, and who you are, adding slowness to your life might just be exactly what you’ve been craving.

If you’re wanting to take the steps to be more mindful of what it means to live a slower paced life, you’re already on your way! Acknowledging your dreams is the start to making them reality.


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