We’re the Meases!

Simeon, Tatiana, Beaumont, and our sweet silver lab Uma!

Our story in a nutshell started with a tiny house build when we were engaged and 5 years later morphed into buying a fixer upper on almost 1 acre. We’re serial entrepreneurs learning to homestead and striving to create a life where we have the freedom of time to do the things we love. We’re BIG diy-ers and cherish a simple way of life. Join us as we learn to rush slowly and live intentionally through life’s many seasons.

What we do + how we got here

We started our entrepreneurial journey with a crepe + coffee food cart in 2018 called Pantry. It frequented farmers markets and small events. We sold it to go full time into wedding and elopement photography for the next 6 years. Our brand Rosemary & Pine Photography created opportunity to document love stories all over the world. We roadtripped the U.S. and made our way to Thailand even! We still shoot weddings and elopements but much closer to home these days.

We bought a fixer upper just down the road from where I grew up and got pregnant with our son Beaumont. He was born at home and it was everything we ever dreamed a birth could be. It was with him we craved more slowness + simplicity in life so we made a conscious effort to shift our priorities. We spend most of our days at home; working on our remodel, planting gardens, and playing with the chickens.

Our home is yet to be finished and dreams still to be chased, but it’s in the slowness we have seemed to find a purpose worth living for. Won’t you rush slowly with us?

Take a look at our slow + simple living resources over on the shop.