Homemade Dry Shampoo

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Last year I decided to ditch store bought dry shampoo with all the chemicals and start making my own. It was honestly the best decision ever. Homemade dry shampoo is easy to make, less expensive, and overall better for you because it has fewer ingredients and none of them harmful.

Dry shampoo has been a pretty big part of my weekly get-ready-routine the past couple of years. Even more so after becoming a mom! After combing the store and trying so many different brands of dry shampoo, I came to the realization you either find a toxic dry shampoo that works well or a non-toxic one that doesn’t work at all. Anyone relate?

If that’s you mama, you’re gonna want to bookmark this recipe and get ready to never go back to your store bought ways again. I’ll be covering:

  • How to make homemade dry shampoo
  • How to store your dry shampoo
  • Alternative Ingredients

Learn to make a natural dry shampoo that actually works.

How to make homemade dry shampoo

The best part about this dry shampoo recipe is that it’s so easy! It takes all of 5 minutes, if that and is overwhelmingly more healthy for you than anything you can find on the shelves in your local store. Before you use any homemade dry shampoo, make sure you try a patch test to avoid allergic reactions. The essential oil is optional and if you want to change the scent you can every new batch you make. I apply my dry shampoo with a natural fiber bamboo blush makeup brush and store in a wood salt box.

Dry Shampoo Ingredients:

  • Arrow root powder
  • Cacao powder
  • Rosemary eo
  • Cedar-wood eo
  • Lavender eo

Directions: Add dry ingredients to a mixing bowl and combine well. Drop in desired essential oil(s) and mix thoroughly.

Use arrowroot powder as your base. Add cacao powder for color of hair. The more cacao powder you use the darker your mixture becomes. Add 15-30 drops of each essential oil. Mix thoroughly. Apply to roots with a brush.

How to store your dry shampoo

As I mentioned earlier, I have my dry shampoo stored in a salt box from the kitchen aisle of any big box store. You can also store your dry shampoo in a glass jar or tin. It keep beautifully! Just make sure not to get your dry shampoo wet and to store in a cool dry place.

Everything you need to store your dry shampoo:

Alternative Ingredients

You can always sub out ingredients if something doesn’t sit well with you or your body dislikes something. Everyone’s scalp and hair is so different so what works for me might not for you. Below are some ideas for alternatives if you find yourself wanting to switch things up but aren’t sure where to start.

Alternative Base Ingredients:

Organic tapioca starch, white kaolin clay, food-grade diatomaceous earth, baking soda

Alternative color ingredients:

Cocoa powder, organic activated charcoal powder, cinnamon

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