Our Tiny Home Must Haves

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If you live tiny or are thinking about taking the leap to do so, here are our tiny home MUST HAVES we couldn’t live without.

If you’ve been following along in our journey for a while, you probably know we built and lived in a tiny home for 4 years. We learned a lot about how to simplify life in many ways, what items actually worked for us in our tiny home, and what we wish we had after the fact! Some items listed below are ones we purchased during our tiny home journey while others are things we wish we had purchased long ago to help save space or maybe our sanity! Living tiny or just thoughtfully in general has much to do with what you keep in your space. Here’s to hoping this post helps you decide what items to prioritize when living tiny or maybe just more simply.

1) Table with storage

Probably my favorite tiny home furniture purchase we ever made was our IKEA Gateleg Table. It has the most convenient storage drawers and 2 side pieces that can fold up and down when needed. Not only is this super helpful when it comes to saving space but comes in clutch when you throw a dinner party with all your friends. We typically kept one table leaf out at all times and the other one up against the wall. They have a few different colors and storage type tables to choose from at Ikea.

2) Baskets for Storage

Maybe it’s a given but Storage Baskets are great for hiding ugly things you don’t use often or simply aid in any organization endeavor when you don’t have ample space. Living in a tiny house taught us “everything has a home” a.k.a. a basket when it’s not being used. A set of cute Storage Baskets can make any space look cleaner, fill holes in shelves, and keep you organized.

3) Hand Vacuum


Having our little BLACK+DECKER dustbuster QuickClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum tucked away for easy use was a must! We used this thing daily to vacuum all the cracks + crevasses and even crumbs from our countertop. It was so easy to store, re-charge, and empty without the hassle of having to use a large vacuum that would quite honestly probably have tripped a breaker.

4) French Press

We loved using a Double Insulated French Press in the tiny house because it was a method of coffee making where you don’t have to have it take up counter space. Unlike traditional coffee makers that sit on your counter taking up almost a whole square foot, a french press can live in your cabinet or on a shelf and come out when you need a good cup of joe! It also doesn’t pull any electricity because all you need are heated water and coffee grounds. The French Press option of coffee makers as well as a Chemex Pour Over were our favorites.

5) Magnetic Knife Holder


We didn’t have a lot of counter space and didn’t want to sacrifice drawer space for our knives, so we opted to get a Magnetic Strip Knife Holder. Ours was an older Ikea stainless steel version, but looking back I would probably want something wood looking for ease of cleaning and the overall look. It worked beautifully for what we needed and helped keep things organized. You can also use it for other handy medal cooking things like peelers, cooking spoons, and more.

6) Instant pot

I’ll tell you what, this might be the best kitchen tool you could get when living tiny. We didn’t have an Instant Pot in the tiny house, but it is something I always think would have been PERFECT because you can make virtually anything in it. A kitchen tool that can do more than one thing is a win win when you have such little space. Do yourself a favor and get yourself an Instant Pot! You won’t regret it!

7) Magnetic Spice Rack


Another item that would have been super helpful in our tiny house space was a Magnetic Spice Rack or Tins. Similar to the magnetic knife strip idea, these can live on your refrigerator or conveniently under a shelf in your kitchen hanging upside down. We had one pantry shelf and you bet everything was shoved in there so tight it was hard to find things sometimes! I kept my favorite spices on a small shelf above our stove but less used spices were tucked away. This would have made finding things way easier and honestly probably more tasty with it’s ease of use!

8) Composting Toilet

I could write a whole post alone on how much I loved our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet, but I’ll spare you the dirty details! If you are trying to decide what toilet to go with for your tiny house build, I 100% recommend a composting toilet similar to this one. It is simple, easy to use, and works! If you want something sustainable that pulls little electricity, this composting toilet from Natures Head is a great option. We used ours for the entire 4 years we lived tiny and didn’t look back. The only downside to this toilet for us was the small crevasses in hard to clean places. We used a scrub brush to help us get to them but it was just a little awkward with some of the angles + deep grooves.

If you decide not to pipe your liquids out like we did and do the bottle method, I would recommend buying a second Urine Bottle to switch out occasionally so you can keep them clean and rotate them.

9) Heated Water Hose

This this this! We just recently installed a Heated Water Hose to our tiny home and let me just say it’s worth every penny. If you have the ability to stay hooked up to water 24/7 this is a great option in those colder climates or even if you need to fill your tank every so often in the cold winter months. The Insulated Heated Water Hose we bought was safe for drinking water use and can prevent water from freezing down to -45℉ (-42.7℃).

10) Air purifier


This is definitely something we wish we had when we lived tiny. Being in such a small space with someone else, an Air Purifier would have been a great purchase for us during our tiny house journey. If you struggle with allergies or congestion, something like this Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier would be perfect for a small space like ours.

We truly hope this list helps you decide what some of the important tiny house purchases are for you during your tiny home journey. Here’s to taking the fast track to more effective tiny home living and not suffering in some of the areas we did.

Tell us, is there anything you would add to this list?

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