The Beginning

Haus of Marigolds Home Tour:

The Beginning

We bought a 1969 stick built home .9 of an acre in beautiful Central Oregon.

I remember walking through the 2nd showing of the house thinking to myself “are we actually going to buy something that’s this much of a fixer-upper?!” While pure excitement was running through my bones fear was also knocking. “Could we actually do this?” “What if we don’t know how to do this?” “What the H-E-L-L are we thinking?” Obviously we kicked fear to the curb and put in a low ball offer to which the sellers said YES!

One of the many reasons we loved this property was because it was less than a mile from where I grew up. My parents live just down the street and my siblings and I would ride our bikes past this home often when we were young.

I loved the trees.

I loved that our family could grow into a home this large and we wouldn’t be cramped for space.

I loved that we would be able to afford this much land when the real estate market was at it’s peak.

I loved the idea of buying a fixer-upper because that’s just who we are.

From what we’ve gathered, this home was many things; a nursing home, foster home, squatter home. The listing boasted of 8 bedrooms, only to find out many of them were glorified rooms partitioned to make more. (probably for the nursing home at one point.) Every room had a different kind of flooring, trash was piled in the bathroom, and a massive burn pile in the backyard.

This marks our beginning. Boy has it been a wild ride already!

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