The Best Parts About Living Tiny

The Best Parts About Living Tiny

after 4 years of dwelling tiny

We built a tiny home from the ground up starting when we got engaged back in 2015. Neither of us had embarked on a journey like this before, but today we can’t help but be grateful for all the life lessons, good memories, and unique surprises this wild decision brought us. Even before we had never stepped foot into a tiny home to see if it was something we even liked, our 20 foot trailer was ordered and delivered to my parent’s backyard for us to start the build. After 4 years of living in our tiny home, we’re here to share the best parts with you.

It gives you the freedom to do what you love.

This is probably the first answer I give people when they ask me what the best part of living in a tiny home was. It gave us the freedom to do what we loved whenever we wanted. Because we saved money every month on what we would have been paying in rent somewhere else, we spent it starting businesses and traveling the world. We lived on someone’s property and it was easy to pick up and leave whenever we wanted, for however long we wanted.

It helps you save money.

I already briefly touched on this point but I’ll say it again because it’s an important one: It helped us save money! We reached a place where our tiny home build was livable after a year of late night build sessions and lots of Youtubing. We moved in immediately after reaching that point and were able to save hundreds a month by renting a corner of some very kind people’s property for the next 4 years. Cost of renting land varies depending on location and needs, but we were able to pay $350/month the entire time there.

We put our money into starting businesses, our retirement, and traveling. Not only did we save money on rent but utilities too(because we were partially off-grid with our water system). Building our tiny home was a large upfront cost (roughly $13,000), but with what we saved in rent we were essentially able to have that hefty decision pay off 1.5 years in to living tiny.

Another aspect of saving money when living tiny boils down to not being able to buy many things because your space is so small. Our 230 square feet of living space filled up fast. It was a constant reminder to us not to buy things frivolously but with intention. Which brings us to our next point!

It helps to simplify your life.

If you are someone who craves simplicity and practicality in your life, tiny living may be a perfect fit for you. You are forced to cut out clutter and ask yourself what is truly important. It is a constant reminder to hold onto what matters and get rid of the things you don’t need. I think there is something to say about living in a small space that helps keep you close to what truly matters.

It teaches you to have true grit.

Every season of living in a tiny home is chalked full of stories; whether it be a water heater freezing, cold showers, gnats in your composting toilet, or figuring out how to empty your grey water tank. We’d be lying if we said it was all butterflies and roses, but it’s rewarding. Many of the extra things that come with tiny house living are things that looking back give us some of the best + most hilarious memories and teach us the biggest lessons. We had to figure out how to make something work all too often cause of cramped spaces or unique living situations.

It encourages you to spend more time in nature.

There is something about having less space inside that makes you want to spend more time in the wide open spaces outside. We were lucky enough to live in a farming community and have beautiful views right outside our kitchen window. There was a small walking trail through a forest of junipers just down the road from us and trust us when we say walking was a weekly (if not daily!) habit of ours. I’d venture to say it’s almost easier to build a habit like this when there aren’t multiple rooms to hideaway in. A new and refreshing perspective is out your front door when you need a refresh—and it’s literally a step to your left.

It brings you closer together.

Whether you live tiny with your significant other or best friend of a pet, it literally brings you closer together. Living tiny in many ways forces you to be with one another constantly. In our case the bathroom door was the only dividing wall! It felt like we spent time doing virtually everything together even if one person was cooking in the kitchen and the other reading in the bedroom loft. You can never get too far away from the other, and in my opinion that’s a good thing!

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