What is Slow Living and Why Choose to Practice It?

Choosing to live a slower paced life can look a lot of different ways for mothers. Truly it’s dependent on your heart, your home, your dreams and goals. What slow living looks like for me can look entirely different from you, and that’s okay. The truth is, the way you choose to live slow + simple is entirely up to you!

In this blog post I’m sharing some of the meaningful reasons mother’s choose to practice slow living. While each of us are on our own journey to slow down the pace of life and discover our why, this is a great starting point if you’re feeling a little lost or don’t know where to begin. I’ll be covering:

  • What is slow living
  • Why mamas are choosing slow living
  • Misconceptions about slow living
  • Benefits of slow living for mothers
  • Slow + Simple Living Resources

So if you find yourself feeling lost and burnt out during the busy season motherhood brings, then you’re in the right place!

What is slow living?

While you can find many definitions of slow living on the internet, they all boil down to a few core concepts; balance, meaning, appreciation, values and mindfulness. Slow living is a shift towards choosing a more intentional way of life and becoming more mindful of your heart, home, and time. Carl HonorĂ© said it best when he wrote, “the central tenet of the Slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”

Bigger picture, slow living is linked to the Italian slow food movement when popularity of fast food emerged during the 1980s and 1990s. Sometimes used as an acronym, the ‘S’ stands for sustainable, the ‘L’ for local, the ‘O’ for organic (meaning shying away from genetically modified or mass produced foods/items), and the ‘W’ for whole (meaning not processed). What started as a movement to protest against the opening of a McDonalds restaurant in Pizza di Spagna, Rome has now overflowed into many different aspects of cultures today; slow cities, slow parenting, slow living and so forth.

Beth Meredith and Eric Storm summarize slow living as “structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment. Similar to “voluntary simplicity” and “downshifting”, it emphasizes a less-is-more approach, focusing on the quality of your life. … Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more holistic sense of well-being in the fullest sense of the word.”

Why mamas are choosing slow living

To be more present with their family.

To invest time and energy into things that matter most.

To preserve childhood and soak in the early years.

To simplify and focus with greater intention.

To strengthen the family bond.

To disconnect from a busy schedule and never ending extracurricular activities.

To slow down life’s pace.

To re-align and connect to the real and rich parts of life.

Did any of these tug at your heart strings? Make you yearn to leave your busy-people-pleasing-calendar-of-to-dos behind and just live slow? I do want to say the act of choosing slowness isn’t a destination you arrive at, but a consistent choice you have to make, oftentimes on a daily basis. It is a checkpoint, refresh, a way of living we often have to remind ourselves to come back to as mothers in a busy society.

Mama, even you can learn to rush slowly.

Wondering where to start? Our ‘Simple Living Journal Prompts’ helps you discover what slow living means to you.

Misconceptions about slow living

You have to live in the country to practice slow living.

You don’t have to live down a country road and have a flock of chickens in your backyard to be a slow living mama. This lifestyle can be for anyone, whether you are among thousands of people in a bustling city or don’t have neighbors as far as the eye can see.

Slow living is for lazy unproductive people.

It’s not necessarily about doing something slow, but more about cutting out the noise and spending the right amount of time experiencing life in a joyful way. Slow living goes hand in hand with prioritizing what makes you happy and not being afraid to say ‘no thanks.’ Some may feel slow living is the opposite of productivity and success, but that can’t be further from the truth. The slow living lifestyle is more about living up to your own personal idea of what success means to you. Once you figure out your ‘why,’ you can take the time to prioritize those dreams + goals in the very ways that matter most.

Slow living is a no tech lifestyle.

Let me remind you slow living is what you make it! No one is asking you to give up your phone or ditch the TV. If that aligns with your personal family goals, go for it. I believe slow living in a tech world can be harder in many ways, but ultimately we should use technology in ways that serve us not distract us.

Slow living will solve all my problems.

The slow living lifestyle is not a destination. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset shift, and to be quite honest, a slow process. The same way John Heywood wrote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour” is a good way to think about choosing to live slow. It requires time and patience to create a life we truly love. Undoing, adding, and relearning habits is part of that process.

Benefits of slow living for mothers

So maybe you’ve made it this far and can’t help but wonder “what really are the benefits of choosing to live slow?” Let me tell you, many!

On a personal level, choosing to practice slow living and simplifying my home has been such a positive shift I can openly see in raising my son Beaumont, in our marriage, and our home in general. It has helped me to set boundaries and not overdo it like many bustling young families are these days. Some of the many benefits slow living has blessed us with are:


Slow living enables us to spend more quality time with one another and friends. We don’t have a packed out calendar with activities and events, but try to seek out the relationships that truly fill us up and bring us closer together. The few friends we have in our corner are ones of quality we know we can depend on.


Decluttering, downsizing, or just plain ol’ being mindful of each and every thing that comes into our home, we’re able to save money or make it. Not only do we get to experience the financial gain of what a slow and simple life can bring, but we can be happy knowing the items we re-home or giveaway are contributing to someone else’s financial story in a positive way as well. We save money by being intentional of what comes into our home too!

Health + happiness

Slow living has enabled us to create a family centered home; that means we spend the bulk of our time there connecting, creating, and cooking together! With a less packed schedule it’s easier to manage the stress and anxiety this life may bring. We’re ultimately making healthier choices in each category of life because we’re prioritizing what makes us happy and healthy on a personal level in the first place.

Productivity + time

By prioritizing a slower paced life, we spend more time taking it all in and doing what we truly love, than scrolling social media or watching the latest television shows. When choosing to live slowly, time wasters slowly morph into core memories for our children and in turn we create the life we’ve always wanted. Is it picture perfect all the time? By all means, no! But it’s the small steps we take to be more mindful and cherish the moments we have with one another.

Connection to nature

When living a slower life we find ourselves spending a lot of time outside in nature. We embrace the seasons and we always come back from evening walks or mornings at the park feeling refreshed. The effects of quality outside time on Children is unmeasurable. It aids in their self-confidence, happiness, imagination and so much more.

Finding purpose

It’s not always easy feeling fulfilled in motherhood, but slow living helps cut out the noise and brings us face to face with many important questions we mothers should be asking on a personal level. Maybe living this lifestyle can enable you to find an unexpected purpose outside of mothering your children and help you on your journey of a more purpose-led life!

Slow + Simple Living Resources


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Slow + Simple Living Books We Love!

In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed

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Slow: Simple Living for a Frantic World

Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural, Low-Waste Home

Still: The Slow Home

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids

A great video to watch to get you started on your slow living journey:

Don’t compare your slow living journey to anyone else’s.

Let me end this by gently reminding you that while mothering is an instinctual thing, in many ways slow living is too. Although we have to constantly be reminded to slow our pace and build habits with the upmost intention, every mama’s slow living journey looks different. There is no wrong way to do it. We are each unique in how we mother our children, what brings us joy, and where we live. It’s about choosing the parts of the slow living lifestyle that resonates with your heart and leaving the rest.


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If this resonates with you as a mother, go and grab our free ‘Simple Living Journal Prompts‘ to get started on your own slow + simple journey!

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